Safety guidelines for adults, children and young people at panto rehearsals.



The building will be open 15 minutes before the start of the rehearsal. Two adults, at least one of whom shall be a committee member and preferably a member of the Chaperone Team, must be present before children enter the building unless they are still with their parent/carer.


Wherever possible children should not be at the rehearsal unless they are going to rehearse.


All adults and children over 11 must sign in on arrival and out when they leave to go home. Younger children shall be signed in by their parent/carer.


Janice will check the singing in book randomly throughout the afternoon and ensure all children are accounted for. If Janice not available, Emma or Judith will undertake the duties. If she is not available Edward Turner will ensure this is done.


All contact details, including email addresses, must be kept up to date in case of emergencies e.g. if rehearsals cancelled.


These details are to be kept by the Director and Safeguarding Co-ordinator, or designated member of the team,


Any medical conditions will be kept confidentially and safely but made know to a qualified First Aider following a serious accident.


In the event of a fire, the signing-in list must be picked up by the designated Fire Steward for the purpose of ensuring that all members are safely out of the building. At the designated fire assembly point, the fire steward will check that all are accounted for.


Reviewed, revised and ratified 5th. October 2017