Auditions for Pantomime

  1. The audition panel shall consist of at least three people, one of whom will be the Director of the Pantomime.
  2. All parts will be subject to audition and each person may audition for up to two parts.
  3. A person wishing to take part in the pantomime, who cannot manage the audition date, may, at the discretion of the panel, audition at another time.
  4. The audition for each part will be an extract from a script to be presented on stage. An outline of the character will also be given so that the manner of presentation should be clear. An indication of the approximate size of the part will also be given.
  5. Audition pieces will be available before the audition for those who wish to practise them.
  6. If the part requires singing and/or dancing, this will also be checked as part of the audition.
  7. Except in exceptional circumstances, Principal roles will generally be given to those who audition well and have a proven record of commitment to the group.
  8. The performance dates and rehearsal dates will be known at the time of the auditions and those taking part must be available for all performances and most rehearsals.
  9. The decision of the audition panel is final and no explanation of their reasons for choice of cast need be given. However, we are happy to give feed-back to those who would like it.
  10. Those who are offered parts will be notified within one week of the audition. Those not given main parts shall, where possible, be offered a role in the chorus.
  11. Auditions shall take place in July preceding the Pantomime.

Reviewed, revised and agreed: May 2016