BPTP Committee Roles

Role of Chairman

  1. The Chairman can be either a man or woman.

  2. He/She is responsible for organising and chairing meetings and for setting the agenda in consultation with the Secretary.

  3. He/She will monitor what is being done by BPTP in order to make sure that the performance in preparation is progressing.

  4. He/She will liaise between the Director, Producer, Stage Manager, and others to facilitate smooth running of the group.

  5. He/She is responsible for seeing that members of the group follow group policies and guidelines.

  6. He/She is responsible for ensuring policies are up to date.

Role of Secretary

  1. The Secretary can be a man or a woman.

  2. He/She is responsible for setting the agenda in consultation with the Chairman.

  3. In the absence of the Chairman, he/she is responsible for running the meeting.

  4. He/She will take notes during meeting and produce minutes.

  5. He/She will receive correspondence and reply to it in line with the committee’s wishes.

  6. He/She will write letters requested by the committee.

  7. He/She will maintain an address list of members, including children and parental contact information.

Role of Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer can be a man or a woman.

  2. He/She is responsible for all the finances of the group.

  3. He/She must maintain accounts of all monies disbursed and received.

  4. He/She will monitor the finances of the group and produce a budget forecast  for each production of BTPT.

  5. He/She will carry out financial planning for the group with any sub-group appointed by the whole committee.

  6. He/She will produce annual accounts before the AGM and submit them for examination to the nominated examiner.

Role of Committee Member

  1. Committee members will attend at least half the planned meetings thoughout the year. Those failing to attend frequently enough may be removed at the discretion of the committee.

  2. Committee members are expected to be active in helping with the work involved in putting on the Pantomime.

  3. Committee members are expected to be available to help on Performance nights either in the cast, as stage crew or front of house.

  4. Committee members must be familiar with all the policy documents of BPTP and follow them in whatever they are doing.

Duties and Role of the Safeguarding Co-ordinator

  1. He/she must be up to date with training and current knowledge about Safeguarding Issues.

  2. He/she will co-ordinate a team to make sure that a member of the Safeguarding Team is present whenever children are rehearsing or performing.

  3. He/she will arrange training in Safeguarding for all adults, performers, stage crew and front of house and encourage all to attend.

  4. He/she will maintain a list of which adults have undertaken training and monitor the need for further training.

  5. He/she will be aware of who is an official chaperone and on the Leeds City Council list of approved chaperones.

  6. He/she must be informed of all Safeguarding issues, however trivial they may seem.

  7. He/she will decide, either individually, or in consultation with another member or the full protection team, what action to take following an incident.

  8. The course of action he/she advises must be followed all by those around.

  9. He/she must maintain confidentially about any disclosure and only pass information to those identified bodies who can act in the child's best interests.

  10. He/she will maintain a confidential record of incidents.

  11. He/she will inform the Church Safeguarding Co-ordinator of any incidents which have occurred and had to be shared with school, police or social services, whilst maintaining appropriate confidentiality.

  12. He/she may refer any incident to the committee for review and subsequent revision of the Safeguarding Policy.